There is a common misperception about anger. Many people think that getting angry is a sin. The Bible is very clear that it is not a sin, but it can lead us to sin if we let it take control. Everyone gets angry at some point. There are a great many things in this world that make me angry. Politics, bad drivers, sloppy work, that little piece of popcorn kernel that refuses to dislodge, and one or two more things. The point is we all get angry, but we are encouraged by the book of James to not let our anger move us to sin.

I have listened to people throughout this past week who are angry at Republicans, others who are angry at Democrats, some who are angry at their spouse, and a few who are angry at God. I want to focus on that last one for this blog’s sake. Surely being mad a God must be a sin, right?

The answer is not at all. God has no problem with our being angry at Him. He understands us more than we understand ourselves. He knows also that as we grow in Him our anger usually subsides. We get angry when someone gets sick or dies, or when we fall on hard times, or things generally don’t go our way. Makes sense. God certainly has the power to stop bad things and sometimes He doesn’t. Therefore, we get mad at Him.

The most important thing that I can add to this is that our anger is really a misunderstanding of our circumstances. God doesn’t cause our pain. Sin and brokenness in our world causes bad things to happen. The great thing about God is that in all our struggles and in all our anger, He sticks by us through it all. He is there in the beginning and He is there when it ends.

I am careful when I am angry to not take it out on those around me. I also try and make sure that I am angry at the right source. God will take our anger, but He would rather help us through whatever we are going through. If we are not careful, we can allow our anger to reject the one source of help available to us. If you need to be angry at God, go ahead. He will listen and love you anyway. However, it is alright to tell Him you are angry and ask Him for His help at the same time. God always loves you.