Several years ago, I had an automobile accident on the way home from college. I came around a curve on the interstate and a car had stalled and I rear ended it. I can still remember being thrown forward, (Pre-seat belt days) and then rushing out of my truck to make sure the other person was alright.  Police were called and tow trucks arrived and before long I was in the passenger seat of the tow truck headed for a garage somewhere. My next task was to find a phone and call my dad. (Pre-cell phone days. I know, I’m old). I waited for what seemed an eternity for my dad to show up. I was terrified that he was going to be angry with me for wrecking my truck. As we got into his truck to go home I broke the silence with my question, are you mad? He turned and looked at me with a look that I will never forget. It was a look of unbelief. He said of course he was not mad. All that mattered to him was that I was alright.

I have never forgotten that day. As I became a parent that day began to make more and more sense to me. A parent’s goal is for their children to be alright. Stuff can be replaced, but our children cannot. As I reflect on that day I am also aware that I saw something of God’s love as well. We get all caught up sometimes in the incidentals and think that God is angry with us or put out with us. The truth is all that God really cares about it is whether we are alright. 

I understand that ‘alright’ is a relative term. However, if you define it, God loves you enough to come to you every day and ask if you are alright. His desire is that you and I live in the fullness of all He offers. He is not hung up on our sin or our habits. He wants the best for us and when we allow Him into our lives He also provides the best. I encourage you to stop worrying about whether God is going to be mad or not and pick up your prayer phone and call your Father. He simply wants you to be alright.