I find it fascinating that people respond differently to the same stimuli. What excites one person may bore the next person. What makes one person stop and look may not even show up on another person’s radar. I am certainly not a social scientist but I am a student of humanity. I believe one of the factors that allows something to get our attention lies in the fact that it is something in which we have interest.  I don’t usually notice a flower bed because I have little interest in flowers. I will walk right by and not even see it if someone doesn’t point it out. However, if someone puts out a box of donuts…well, you get the idea.

There is the old thing about buying a car that you believe is unique in color or style. You stand on the lot and proclaim that you have never seen one quite like it.  It remains unique until you purchase it and begin driving around town. Suddenly you see your car everywhere! Why had you not noticed before?  Because it wasn’t important to you before.

So, what gets our attention spiritually or what do we miss spiritually that is all around us? The answer is the same.  We will see spiritual things when spiritual things become a priority for us. When I spend time in God’s Word I see applications for what I read in everyday life. When I am committed to prayer I notice people in a deeper way.  When I am striving to listen to God I hear His voice through many outlets.

We see and hear and notice those things that are important to us. If our spiritual life is in a place of priority, then we will notice God in a fresh way. His voice will be clearer and His purpose will be easier to discern.  If you are struggling to hear God or with direction in life, you may want to ask the question “what gets your attention?” Giving attention to God will change those things in life that get our attention.