When my brother and I were young we played outside quite a bit. Often it was with our cousins or a neighbor or two. As play ensued and we got caught up in our world of imagination, every so often a bad word would slip out of someone’s mouth. Fear took over the moment. We would immediately make whoever said the bad word pray for forgiveness right away. Step two included making sure our parents didn’t hear it.

We were instantly aware that we had broken a rule. At a young age kids are generally keenly aware of the moral perimeters in their world. Sometimes we slip outside of these boundaries and

at other times we forge ahead with steam and defiance. In a parent’s eye both are wrong and usually receive punishment of some sort. At eight years old one is not aware that the parents goal is to shape character and take care of the minor things that can work against such character.

When we think of sin, it is much the same way. Some sins are done in ignorance or omission, and some are absolutely willful and rebellious. The reason that the Bible tells us that Jesus died for all sin is that all sin has an effect on our lives.

You see, God is building us into His instruments of righteousness. He wants us to be more like Him today than we were yesterday. His goal is that we become strong and victorious in life. That happens as we grow in character with Him.

We are going to have our slips and say our bad words and such, but I am so thankful that He cared enough to pay for all my sins and continues to care enough to call me to holiness so that I have more of Him.