I learned this slogan from my time in the Boy Scouts of America. It always made sense to me and has served me well over the years. My understanding of it has deepened from living through Georgia winters. Here in Georgia we can never put any type of clothing away for the winter because we can be cold one week and playing golf the next. We have to be prepared for every eventuality.
Jesus tells us that we are to be prepared as well. He teaches parables that speak of the bridegroom coming for his bride and how to be ready. He tells us that we will not know when He is coming again but to watch for the signs and be ready. He speaks through Paul and tells us to be prepared to preach the Gospel at any time. So how can we always be ready?
The answer is quite simple. Stay connected to the source of everything that we will ever need. Spend time with the source of power, healing, grace, wisdom, love, life. There is a moment in scripture where God is referred to as our “all in all”. If I am spending time with Him and always allowing His presence to be with me, then I am prepared for anything that may come my way.
In a world that has plenty of unfair moments and more than its share of curves and dips, we need to counter by always being prepared. Bad moments are when these curves and dips touch our lives. Tragic moments are when they happen to us and we are not prepared. Stay connected to the source and you will find that you are always prepared.