Black History

The month of February is nationally recognized as Black History Month. It is a time of directly focusing on great people and great accomplishments. It is also a time of reflecting on horrors and tragedies enacted on an entire race of people. I could use this writing to tell about some of these great people like Martin Luther King, George Washington Carver (one of my favorite people in history), Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, Katherine G. Johnson, and the list goes on. However, I think I want to focus on those names that we don’t know because they were never given the chance to make their mark.
It grieves me that because of satanic hatred and bigotry, some of the potentially greatest accomplishments of our time were never realized. They were never realized because of denied education, denied entrance into certain jobs and companies, denied entrance into the early days of the military. I understand that this statement could be made about individuals of all races including white, but as a whole we have disregarded and lost the contributions of a significant portion of an entire group of people. 
I hope that as we focus on Black History Month we will take some time to reflect, revisit and repent. All of these are appropriate, and all have honor. We need to move forward and prayerfully and hopefully not repeat the sins of the past.