I don’t know if the right word is convenience or inconvenience. We live in a time where we really don’t have to deal with anything we don’t want to deal with. If you call me I can send you to voicemail. If you text me I can ignore it, delete it, or even block it. I can unfriend you on social media. I can see you on the home cam and not answer the door. At my office you must go through two people to get to me. We have developed dozens of ways to avoid our inconveniences.

Some may call this ability boundaries, and maybe to a degree this is true. However, I think sometimes we can develop this lifestyle of convenience and have it take its toll on our spiritual life. Do you think I am stretching it? Think about it. Tired, skip church. Not wanting to think about God’s call, His Word, His choices for you, turn the television on. Getting convicted, switch churches. Daily devotion?  As soon as I can work it into my schedule. Prayer? I really did mean to get to that this week.

You see, everything can be inconvenient. Even God. We make time for the things that are important to us.  Certain calls I never ignore. Specific emails never get deleted. There are people that I will always answer my door for. Making God a priority means taking Him off our inconvenient list. The King should always have top access to any part of our lives. When He does, all the other things seem to fall nicely into place as well.

Today’s question is very simple. Is God a convenience or inconvenience in our lives?  Answer thoughtfully. You may be tempted to delete this blog, but I hope that you find encouragement to be inconvenienced.