I had the privilege today to be a helper at our local Food Pantry Co-op. We loaded a trailer full of food items from our church and took them over with several volunteers to help sort. They lovingly took us in and informed us how their process works. It is a wonderful and thorough process. The food items are sorted by type, date, and usability. Everything has a place and you would think you were in a top name grocery store by the time it is all on the shelves.

I am certainly willing to brag on our Co-op, but that is not the reason I am writing this blog. What happens there is more than just a wonderfully efficient system. It is an honoring and lifegiving process. The people who come there for assistance walk in and are treated with total respect by workers and volunteers. They are not just handed a bag of random food items. They get a grocery cart and they can shop for the items that meet their individual needs. They are getting food items that are current and in perfect condition. The clients have a large variety of wonderful things from which to select. There are fresh products such as eggs and breads as well. In other words, every person who enters is treated the same as they would be at Kroger or Publix.

I believe that part of our calling as Christians is to treat others like Jesus would. He may have mentioned that when He said, “do to others as you would have them do to you”. Jesus made everyone He touched feel special and worthy. In my mind, I imagine He looked them in the eye and gave them His full attention. That is what I witnessed today. Thank you to the Southeast Gwinnett Co-Op for letting me be a small part of your Christ-like ministry. I am honored and I am convicted to be more like that in all that I do.