A couple of days ago I had just enjoyed a wonderful meal at my favorite restaurant. Part of what makes this place my favorite is the service. I never have to wait. As I turned out and began the three-mile drive back to my office, I was upset to find that there was a three-mile line of traffic. Obviously there had been an accident and I was destined to sit and wait. It looked like what was to be a couple minute drive would take up to half an hour. I needed a way around this mess. At this point I thought about our ancestors who could navigate by the stars and the moss on the trees. Then I turned on my GPS. (Well, it was daytime and I couldn’t find any moss!) Regardless, I was rerouted.

After a few turns on some back roads I was driving into the parking lot of our church. It was so easy and I didn’t have to sit and wait in the endless traffic jam. As I thought about this moment, I began to reflect on how our lives get jammed up at times. We hit those seasons or maybe just those weeks where it seems like everything has come to a gridlock and everyone is trying to get to the same place. It can be a relationship jam, a financial jam, or even a spiritual jam. We act very much the same in these moments as if we were in an actual traffic jam. We get frustrated, impatient, rude at times, and are washed in a feeling of helplessness.

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It tells us where we are and how to get where we want to go.  To be a bit cheesy here, I need to remind you that we have another GPS. God’s Positioning System. He is fully aware of where we are in every situation and He is the greatest resource we have in finding out how to get to where we want to go. Instead of staying in place and blowing our proverbial horn at life, He has told us to ask Him and He promises to show us the best route.

Wherever you may be stuck in life, I encourage you to activate your spiritual GPS and allow God to show you a path to victory. I will warn you, it may seem out to the way at times, but it will always get you to where He wants you to go.