Thousands of years ago…or millions of years ago…a long time ago when man first broke God’s perfect design by sinning, God immediately implemented a plan to restore mankind. He moved toward us the second we were broken. The thing that many people forget is that God has never stopped moving toward us. He continually offers us grace, redemption, healing, power, joy, and on and on. The goal of our Christian growth is to give in to all these wonderful things that He offers us. What that means is that we quit resisting His movement in our lives.

When He nudges us to pray, pray. When He whispers to us to stop, stop. When He calls us to community, go to church. When He leads us to worship, worship. When He says do, do. What I am trying to say is that God is constantly moving, and He is always inviting us to come along. When we do we find the blessings of God. Much of the time we find ourselves too busy to recognize the nudge, the whisper, the call, or the leading. Regardless, He never stops.

This is basic discipleship. Listen and join in. If you do, then I can promise you that your life will never be the same.