It has been a tough season in my region. Our college team lost in the National Championship. Our Pro Team lost in the Playoffs. The only game left is the Super Bowl and it involves the two teams that gave us our last two postseason losses. There just seems to be no incentive to watch. We have had our highs and lows for the year and we are tired.

Sometimes our spiritual journeys can feel this way. We have gone through our mountain tops and our valleys and there are times when we are simply exhausted. All the excitement was thrilling. The rough spots caused us to pray intensely and wait with expectation. Every emotion that we have has come into play at some point. At the end of it all we find ourselves tired.

In Scripture, we find that when Elijah came to this point God spoke to him in a gentle whisper. When Jesus was at His physical and emotional limit, He found the power to send the Devil running. Sometimes, God has trouble getting us to hear him during the highs and lows. There is simply too much activity. It is often in the moments when we come to the end of our rope that hearing Him becomes possible.

If you are tired, don’t give up. Listen and pay attention. You are in a perfect position to hear from God. Remember, when we are weak He is strong. When we are quiet, He speaks.

Just as our excitement for football will return next season, so our spiritual fervor will as well. Don’t be discouraged. There are more championships to be played for and more mountains and valleys to conquer.