We have all been in that moment when someone comes rushing into a room and proclaims, “Guess what I just saw?”  Depending on the inflection, this can be a very exciting moment.  Rarely does anyone turn down such a voyeuristic invitation.  We love a juicy moment. There is a wicked place in all of us that hopes it will turn out to be a metaphorical fire. Bad news or tragic news travels at light speed in the gossip universe.

The converse of this has proven to be true as well.  Good news travels at the speed of….give me a minute…I will think of the word…now I forgot what I was going to say.  Sound familiar?  It is an entirely different spectrum.

It is just how we are wired. We love to watch a car fire on the side of the road and tell what we saw, but we may or may not tell about the good news our friend got from their doctor. The difficulty with this is that we are a people of Good News. The one thing Jesus left for us to do was to spread that Good News.  We as churched people have proven to be much better at spreading gossip and discontent.

Here is how I believe we can turn that around. Every day we have the opportunity to witness God at work. We are invited to meet with Him in prayer. We have networks through our churches to hear about answered prayers and miracles. We have His Word available every moment of our lives that shares his wonders and His great love. All we have to do is to tell what we see.

It is called being a Witness. I saw God do this!  I was there when God broke through in this person’s life!  I was broken and now I am not!  We are living eye witnesses of God’s power.  All we need to do in order to fill Jesus’ command to go into all the world is to walk into our world and proclaim, “Guess What I just saw?”