“There was a day when I died; died to self, my opinions, preferences, tastes and will; died to the world, its approval or censure; died to the approval or blame even of my brethren or friends; and since then I have studied only to show myself approved unto God.”

These are the words of George Muller. Muller is one of my spiritual heroes because of the way in which he gave his life to God. This quote haunts me. It is what every Christian should aspire to. It is what I want to aspire to do. The problem is every phrase of it causes me to pause and realize I am far from that point.

So, do we give up? I don’t think so. I think we keep the goal in front of us and take a step toward it every chance we get. I think we use it to encourage us to spend more time in prayer with God than listening to the opinions of the media and culture. I think we seek after God a bit more tomorrow than today to uncover something that calls us beyond self.

Muller’s story is one of grace, miracles and world changing ministry. I don’t need to be George Muller, but I sure would like to emulate his heart for God. If we want to be more like God we can start by being more like the people who follow him with intensity. I want more. This means I must need less. Less of me equals more of God.

I hope that this quote haunts you as it does me. I pray it embeds into your heart and drives you as it drives me to show myself approved unto God. Sorry for the inconvenience and you are welcome for the blessings.