Have you ever been hungry but did not know what you were hungry for? You name every restaurant and go through everything in your pantry and nothing sounds good. You finally settle on something just to get the nagging hunger pang to go away and walk away partially satisfied.

Spiritual hunger can mimic physical hunger in much the same way. We know we are empty. We understand the yearning deep inside for something more, but we just don’t know what will fill the void. Like the physical hunger, we many times settle on something for the moment, but walk away only partially satisfied. 

God has designed our bodies with such infinite wisdom that they will often crave what they need. When we are low on certain vitamins for example, our bodies will crave foods with that vitamin. Unfortunately, the battle over what we need and what we think we want ensues in times like these. It is desire vs. need and it is a real battleground.

The parallel to our spiritual hunger continues here. Our spirits will crave what they need, but we battle over what we need and what we want spiritually just as we do physically. One might say I need to get out and do something fun, when what is really craved is the need to set time aside for personal worship with God.

The symptoms are similar, but what is the solution? In the physical we can listen to our nutritionist, obey a healthy diet, or even Google what would be best. In the spiritual, it is a bit simpler. We have constant access to our designer. When we are spiritually hungry He promises that He will always be there to fill that hunger or quench that thirst. The only thing required of us is to seek His answer and not feed on what we think is best. 

Then Jesus declared, I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.”  John 6:35