What a day! Meetings, events, last minute things that I forgot to do last week, and the list goes on. Sound familiar? I think these kinds of days are more normal than we would like to admit. Some may be thinking I am too busy to stop and read a blog! I get that. So let me make this short and to the point.

In all the busyness we still find time to eat, to listen to a song, to take care of our kids, to maybe take a break and catch part of a ballgame or favorite show. We take time to pay attention to the things that are vital to life and to sanity. My encouragement is to take time to spend a few minutes in God’s Word and breath a prayer. It is vital to life, health, sanity, and spirit. 

A Bible app helps us have it ready in an instant and we can pray while we are between agenda items. This may sound simplistic, but it is actually a game changer. I challenge each of us to give it a try and watch what God can do with a few minutes.