I have an incredible love for the outdoors. I grew up camping, fishing, hunting and playing outside most of my childhood. I love the beauty of nature and all that it unfolds before me daily. As a young man I was convinced that I was born in the wrong era. Surely, I was meant to be a pioneer or at least a frontiersman. You know, chopping wood, hunting food, being all manly and stuff. All of my confusion and disappointment ended when I began to study the history of early America. Did you know Scott Brown Blog people often died by the time they were thirty- five? If the cold didn’t get ya, then the other kind of cold would take you out.

When we think of the church of yesteryear, we often idealize it much as I did my life on the frontier. It is not that there were not great things about it, but we sometimes forget that it was not always easy.  Some communities had very small churches that were only able to meet once a month.  Some churches were only made up of two or three families. There weren’t always musicians, at least not proficient ones, at every church. This was obviously not true in all churches, but I do love to hear my elders speak of getting to church early to get the stove heated up so that people didn’t freeze during service.

I think my point is that it is good to enjoy the gifts God gives us today and fully embrace the generation in which we live. Dreaming of a time gone by does little to make disciples today. I don’t believe God makes mistakes and therefore I believe we each have a part to play in today’s church. Be careful not to miss your part while you dream about a day gone by.