There are some universals in the world we live in that rarely fail. Show love instead of anger always works out. Forgive rather than harbor never misses. Make that phone call and say I love you is an oldie but goodie. I could go into some other favorites like duct tape and rebooting, but you get the idea. 

I want to point out one that it is obviously and shamelessly from the pastor. Attending Church regularly when the church is healthy and vibrant always works for our good. I have never heard anyone come out of a Church service and say “I can’t believe I wasted that time”. I do hear people say they are glad they came or changed because they came, or moved by having come, or glad they resisted the temptation not to come. When the Christian community is together it always, always works.

We are created to be in community. We do better at everything when we are together. We are especially at our best when being together is wrapped in the love of God’s people and the power of His Word. It always works on every level. 

The more we come together the better it gets as well. When everyone is serving and loving each other, great moments happen. Excitement builds and we generate an energy unlike anything else. My hope is we will not miss these great weekly moments. I want everyone’s life to work out to it’s maximum potential. That does not happen without the church. If you don’t believe me take this challenge.  Commit to attending church for four Sunday’s in a row. If you do not feel like it has made you better then let me know and I will make a personal apology. It always works!