It was late in the fall and I decided that I would go out for an afternoon hunt. I had spied a spot that looked promising on an earlier trek and decided this was the time to try it. I made my way through some thick brush and crossed a creek and finally came to a location that seemed ideal. As I sat through the evening the sun methodically changed positions on its journey to full sunset.  Every position change also changed to look of the area in which I was sitting. Shadows became longer, colors took on new hues, trails became harder to see.  It is noteworthy to tell you that I have almost zero since of direction.  Before darkness completely set in I decided it would be wise to find my way out of my ideal hunting location. I went through the opening that I thought brought me into my perch. I entered the thick brush and re-crossed the creek twice. Had I crossed it once or twice coming in?  I began to get disoriented and a bit unnerved. Was I lost? Would the next opening lead me back to my familiar trail?

Obviously, I made it out or you would not be reading this blog. However, one moment I distinctly remember happened just as panic was about to set it. I became aware of the fact I had friends not very far away who would make sure I was found if I had indeed gotten lost. In that moment my being lost was not nearly as disturbing.

God tells us to come near to Him and He will come near to us. I keep this verse prominently positioned on my desk because it gives me great comfort. Scripture assures me that God is always with me and that His answers are but a breath away. I have many moments in life when I am on the verge of panic because I feel lost in some area. Those times are much like my sojourn through the thickets. Just as I feel that panic coming on, I remember I am not alone. One of God’s most underrated gifts is the simple gift of His constant presence. He is always there to assure us that we are absolutely not alone. My hope is  you will find Him easily the next time you begin to panic. As the old hymn says, “I once was lost but now I am found.”