It is no secret that we live in a world that promotes the idea of “me first” on a regular basis.  Actually, that is the core of the secular mindset. Self is the king on the throne as far as our world is concerned.  We vote the way we want, we shop for what we want, we spend our time on what pleases us, we eat what we want, drive what we want, go to the church that meets our needs, and so on. Everything about our world is “me” driven.

Why is that a problem? If I can afford it and I can accomplish it, why shouldn’t I have it?  Of course, everyone has the right to do as they please, but that way of life never produces true joy. You see, it works against the original design. God formed in our core the ability and the need to serve others. We are maximized by our Creator to think about Him first, others second and then ourselves. This works completely contrary to the way our marketed world would have us live.

True joy does not come with the accumulation of stuff or experiences. Real heartfelt joy and contentment comes in giving ourselves away. This is so ingrained in our DNA that even non-Christians figure this out by joining service organizations and helping others. We are not only called to serve, we are made to serve. It is the most basic component to the life that God has given us.

I want to encourage you to give yourself away if you are not already doing it. I especially want to see Christians step into this and quit worrying about what they are not getting and start working on what they can give back. I promise you it is so embedded in your cells that once you begin, it will release the joy you have been looking for all along. No one or nothing can make you happy.  That is built into you by God and released when you give. Trust me, you were made for it!