Bible Study for Parents of Children with Special Needs

Tuesdays, Room 6 from 7:00-8:00 pm. Facilitated by Megan Kieper, this class is a support for parents with special needs children. For information, contact the church office at 770-963-2944.   



What Are You Afraid Of? With Scott & Joshua

Tuesdays at 7:00 pm, Wednesdays at 10:00 am, and Wednesdays 6:30 pm

They will take a look with us at what scares us and give us biblical solutions for those fears.   



Sisters in Faith Spring Bible Study

There are three central documents to the Christian faith. The Apostles’ Creed tells us what we believe. The Ten Commandments tells us how to behave. The Lord’s Prayer tells us how to pray. Belief, action, prayer; it’s all right there. You are invited to join Sisters in Faith for our spring bible study as we examine in depth the first of these foundational doctrines, The Lord’s Prayer, as taught to His disciples by Jesus and stands as the central prayer of the Christian faith. Classes begin January 10, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. in Room 2 of the Sanctuary Hall. All ladies are welcome. Susan Gerard facilitator. For information, please contact the church at 770-963-2944.