Do you ever have those days when you are in between?  Maybe you are in between deadlines, school semesters, emergencies, or whatever.  In those in between times we can get bored and almost listless. When asked what we are up to we often respond “nuthin”.  (I am writing from a southern point of view in case you missed it”)

So, what do we do in the “Nuthin” times?  These can actually be very critical times.  In Spiritual Warfare these are times where we can get lazy and become vulnerable.  We are not pressed to pray by the stresses of life, we are not driven to God by the latest emergency, so we tend to take our foot of the gas, so to speak.

We can often lose focus during the “nuthin” moments and before we know it lethargy has taken hold and is affecting the next phase of our lives.  We can forget how to get back into gear and be the conquerors that we are.

As we move into Spring and school is coming to an end and vacations are being planned, I want to encourage each of you to plan for the “nuthin” times.  It does not have to be intense.  Plan to read a helpful book, make an effort to use prayer as a time of thankfulness, download a devotional that will carry you through.   Enjoy your lighter days, but do not be unwise and allow room for the enemy to move into your thoughts, habits, or lives.

Peace to each of you during your restful days.