Music Ministry – Where Can I Serve?

Passionate Worship is worship that connects people to God, worship that people enter into with expectancy, and with the anticipation that God desires to speak to them and connect to them. Whether traditional, blended, or contemporary, Passionate Worship is authentic, connecting, and sustaining.

In order for our worship to be effective, it takes several groups of volunteers (our ‘worship teams’) working together under God’s leadership!

Acolytes: Our Acolytes are children in grades 3-5 who help with our traditional worship by lighting candles, assisting the ushers with the giving of tithes and offerings, assisting the pastor with Communion or Baptisms. They meet twice a year on Sunday afternoons for training and practice.
Altar Guild: The Altar Guild is comprised of volunteers who help with the cleaning and decoration of the church. They plan seasonal decorations, flowers, banners and paraments, as well as planning and preparation for Communion or other special events.

Ushers and Greeters: Our ushers and greeters are often the first folks to welcome our guests. As first impressions are lasting ones, we are always looking for folks with a radiant smile and a warm handshake to serve on these teams.
Chair Team: These dedicated hard-working volunteers set up and break-down chairs, every Sunday in the PLC (gym) for our 9:39 a.m. worship service.