Let me give you some famous movie one liners and see if you can identify the movie.

“I see dead people”

“If you build it they will come”

“Momma said stupid is as stupid does”

“You had me at hello”

Even if you cannot put the exact movie with the line I am betting a majority of you know the quotes.   Isn’t it funny how a single sentence can have such a long life?  Movies come and go, book titles are often forgotten, but great lines have staying power.

I believe this phenomenon exist in areas beyond the entertainment world.  I can remember a word or phrase that my father said to me years and years later.  I can remember a few moments where a mentor or influencer in my life spoke something that still lives in my mental reservoir.  From time to time a quote by someone in history rings out when necessary.


I do not believe that anyone ever intended for these words or phrases to live past their intended purposes.  I am not sure that you can plan something like that.  It just happens.  That being the case, you and I as Christ’s ambassadors need to be vigilant when speaking to the people in our lives about Him.  We never know when something we say is going to click or meet a moment when it is a perfect fit.  We cannot plan it, but we can be faithful to speak God’s truth every chance we get.  I had someone this week tell me how perfect the prayer was that I had prayed for them.  Honestly, I don’t remember the exact prayer, but it landed perfectly where they needed it and they remembered it well.


Never think you are not helping when all that you can do is give a word of prayer or encouragement.  Who knows, you may have created a line that will live in their story forever.  God says that His word when spoken will not come back empty.  Let that promise embolden you as you share His good news every chance you get.