Not long ago I was walking through my house and found one of my kid’s shoes lying in the living room.  One shoe!  My natural curiosity kicked in and I began the quest for the matching shoe. I found it not in the same room, but in a different room altogether. At this point I am beyond curiosity to C.S.I. mode.  What scenario led to taking one shoe off in one room and the other off sometime later? I was baffled.  To be honest, I still am. I found no satisfying answers during my investigation.

I laughed at this memory and shook my head thinking how distracted kids can get. Then I had one of my “look in the mirror” moments. Those are the moments when I am feeling superior to others and God makes me look at my own life. It is quite humbling and very unpleasant. This moment was no different.

I may not get distracted when it comes to shoe placement, but I certainly find I get so distracted by all I am doing that I misplace my prayer time. At times, I feel like my spiritual life is spread out all over the place instead of being where it is supposed to be. My spiritual life should be the most organized and together part of my day. But alas, I find a spiritual shoe in one room and a spiritual shoe in another. It happens to everyone.

I think the goal is to work hard at developing new and good habits. We learned this early in life. “Put your toys away when you are finished.” “Pull out one thing at a time.” “Put your shoes where they go.”  Let’s make that transition here. Pray every day. Meditate on God’s Word every day. Worship every day.  Put God first and watch your spiritual house come into order. I am sure we will all benefit from these simple disciplines. Ask yourself the question, “Where are my shoes”?