In my first year of full time ministry, I was asked by a neighboring church to come and conduct a revival that lasted for a week. That meant that I had to come up with five sermons and five different assembles.  I didn’t have five of either at that point. However, by God’s grace I pulled it off and as I remember it went without incident and turned out well.Scott Brown Blog

A few weeks ago, I was attending our denomination’s annual conference. While there a woman came up to me and reminded me of that revival and said she remembered my preaching. My first instinct was to apologize, but instead I thanked her for the memory and was flattered that she recalled it.

Afterwards I began to think how wonderful it is when someone remembers a good moment with you. I realized that it must be the same for God. How much He must love it when we remember what He has done in our lives. To go back and remember our salvation, or a moment of help, or a breakthrough certainly fills His heart. As much as we are called to look forward in Christ, I think that our worship is enhanced when we look backwards at times. There was an old hymn that we used to sing called “Count Your Blessings”. There are many times that my right now faith is emboldened by my memories of God’s previous actions. So, every now and then take time to look back and remember what God has done. I am sure that it blesses Him greatly and I am confident that it will encourage you.