Yesterday I read one of those Facebook posts that lists the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people. It was predictable stuff and if taken as truth can be very judgmental. The first one was successful people read while others watch television. Hey! I feel pretty successful and I like television! What are they trying to tell me?  My point here is that success cannot be pinned down to a certain number of categories or lifestyle choices. Success is much more.

Throughout the New Testament Paul speaks of relationships and ministries and uses the phrase “make my joy complete”. In that simple phrase he is often referring to fulfilling a goal that serves the greater mission. I think Paul was on to something. I find my version of success is found where there is real joy. I know plenty of wealthy people who are not happy, and I know many pay -check to pay- check people who have joy.

So, if I was going to make one of these charts to define success I would simply have one line. Those who fulfill their calling in God. When you boil it down nothing else really matters.  As Christians we are investing in eternal returns and a Kingdom that never ends. In God’s economy He tends to grow fruit in places that match His heart.

Don’t let anyone define your success, certainly not the standards of this world. If you are pleasing in God’s eyes, then what else matters? Rejoice in your relationship and enjoy your calling. I guarantee that there will be plenty of people who will be jealous of your success. The good news is you get to share that joy with everyone. True success is measured in fulfillment. God has promised He came to give us life to the fullest measure. I advise that we take Him up on it.