I recently had the opportunity to attend a couple of Church Conferences that were designed for Christian leaders. Both had several wonderful speakers and offered a great deal of information. I am certainly better for having gone and it is always good to learn. However, the thing that made the biggest impact on me had nothing to do with the information offered. The greatest benefit for me was simply being around great leaders and innovative thinkers.
Something immeasurable happens when we spend time with quality people. We simply get better. It is almost as if it rubs off on us. In reality, it calls to the parts of us that God has designed for greatness and encourages us to reach for more. As I was growing up I constantly heard things like “you are what you eat” and “garbage in garbage out”. Obviously, the bequest was to be careful what you put in your body and mind. While there is truth in these quaint sayings, there is just as much relevance in the positive decision to surround oneself with greatness.
Greatness comes in all forms. It can be befriending a great Mom or Dad, hanging out with people who have goals and aspirations, or fellowshiping with spiritually strong friends. Hebrews says that we are surrounding by a cloud of witnesses. I like that thought. It means those who have made it and been victorious are watching me and encouraging me from another realm. I also believe we are surrounded here on earth. The challenge is that we are also surrounded by those who are not always positive influences and tend to drag more than push.
Bottom line, we get to choose. Yes, we must be around people at work and in our neighborhoods at times who are not the best influences, but we have the ability to be purposeful in seeking out and finding those who make us better. The good news is that if we are choosing to be better, we become someone that others look to as a good influence. We never know the impact we may be having in our world simply by making the effort to be surrounded by positive and hopefully Godly people.The better we become, the more impact we have for God in our world. I encourage each of us to get surrounded.
Pastor Scott