Admittedly, my memories of most childhood events can be a bit spotty. I may not remember all details of an event but can remember part of it like it was yesterday. I don’t remember much about the swim lessons that my parents signed me up for, but I remember one part vividly. I was terrified of the water and some instructor whom I did not know was in the water begging me to jump off the perfectly safe poolside. There was encouragement from behind as my mom’s voice was urging me off my beloved perch. Who was this instructor? Could I trust them with my life?

I honestly couldn’t tell you if I jumped or not. I imagine that like most scared kids I eventually took the plunge, so to speak. The interesting part to me was realizing that even at such a young age I needed to trust. I needed to trust this person would catch me and keep me from drowning. I needed to trust my mother wouldn’t tell me to do something that would hurt me.

The most significant part of the Christian life deals with this very same issue. The greatest thing God calls us to is to be able to trust Him. Ironically, the thing that we are the worst at is giving trust. After all, how do we know He will catch us? How do we know it is safe?

The reason Jesus walked with such authority on Earth is that He had no doubts who His Father was nor in His capabilities. If His Father said it, He did it. Never doubted, never wavered. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have that kind of trust? I believe that we can. I didn’t know my swim instructor, but if it had been my mom or dad in the water it would have been much easier. My lack of trust with God only comes in the places that I do not know Him well. The more I spend time with Him and get to know Him the more I realize He is absolutely trustworthy.

If you are struggling in your faith, I get it. We all do at times. The remedy is quite simple. Spend time with Him. He will prove Himself trustworthy every time. The more you experience this the more your faith and trust will grow. As these attributes grow in us, the more He can trust us with His plans.