My kids are at that age. They are at that age in which they don’t want anything under the Christmas Tree, they just want cash or gift cards. How humbug is that? I must confess that it has been hard to get into the traditional Christmas Spirit this year. I miss those days of hiding gifts in the basement and having a sneaky grin knowing that I had just the right gift stowed away. My kids are growing up and I guess that means I must as well.

As much as traditions change over the years, there is one thing that remains absolute. Christmas is all about the Hope that God gave us by coming into our world. We always need hope, but it seems that our world is in short supply right now. I honestly cannot watch the news anymore. When I see and hear all that is going on around me I am tempted to bury my head and wait for the end. Instead, I have learned to bury myself in God’s Word and in His promises. It amazes me how quickly a hopeless scenario transforms into a vision of promise.

God on the scene makes everything better. God in my day changes my outlook. God in my view makes life doable. God in a manger makes hope a reality.

I pray that you will dwell in the real Christmas Spirit this year. As we live out the hope that is ours in Jesus I get excited knowing that others are being encouraged through the light shining through our witness. No matter where you are, what you situation, or which tradition is working or not working, I invite you to see the real power. Our Hope is in Him!

“This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.”  Luke 2:12