There is a BB pellet on my desk.  It is shiny and perfectly round. My desk has a glass top so that most of the time it looks like the BB is levitating. It rolls between objects effortlessly and has yet to hit the floor in over a week. It is the perfect item to bat around with the pencil and pen on my desk. Sometimes my most sane moment is messing with this BB.

How can that come out of the same brain that writes sermons, directs a large staff and leads a healthy church? No smart comments here please. My point is that it amazes me that God has designed our minds in such a wonderfully intricate manner

The BB

Scott’s Blog “The BB”

that we can be complex and simple at the same time.

If we did not have the simple things then the hard things would probably not happen. I try and remember this when it feels like my load is about to shift in a bad way. When the day is overtaxing and the work seems insurmountable…there is a BB on my desk. For some that BB is a walk or a run. For others it is a book or a TV show.  Still others may cook or reorganize or whatever else is simple and lifegiving. Mine is a BB on my desk, or shooting some free throws in our gym, or just walking.

I think it is important to pay attention to our design. The God who invented calculus, physics, and chemistry also gave us the ability to rhyme words and tell funny stories. I encourage all the hard workers out there to take a minute or two to delve into the simple. You may find your breakthrough or even the voice of God when you turn the overdrive off.