Normally those two words connote the finale of a play, movie, or some form of entertainment. They are   literally an “ending”. However, I am finding that they are also a beginning. This is the time of the year we are watching many of our children matriculate from high school or college. While we see those seasons ending, we more clearly see their future beginning.

On a more grievous note, we also have occasion to see a friend or loved one lose the battle of life and death. Again, while it is an ending of significance it is also a beginning. It is the beginning of moving on in life writing new chapters without the loved one. It is the beginning for the loved one to experience the eternal.

Relationships have endings and others begin. Jobs come to an end, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, and new ones must rise. Someone once told me that everything on Earth is born and then moves toward death. While I am sure that is true on one scale, it is even more true that our God calls us in just the reverse order.

In Christ we go from death to life. We begin with temporary and move into eternal. He takes all our endings and calls us to new beginnings. He is the only force in the universe who operates in this order. The invitation to each of us is very simple. No matter what ending you are facing today, He has a beginning waiting for you. It is the hope that carries us through those sad moments, even those terrifying moments. He is never finished and with God we never see the words “The End”.