I leave for work early on most Sunday mornings. This past Sunday was no exception. It is always dark, but this Sunday was also accented with a heavy fog.  As I drove my normal route to Church, I noticed street lights that I normally do not see. I don’t see them on a clear morning because they put off their radiance without interference and illumine the streets with floods of brightness. The fog that had fallen caused the light to refract differently and lose its effectiveness. This made each street light stand out like individual sentinels.

As I thought about my observations, I immediately made a spiritual connection. When we allow the distractions of this world to gather around us we create a spiritual fog. It has the same properties as a literal fog. We are created to let God’s light shine through us in such a way the world sees Him. When our light is dissipated by the fogs of life, others stop seeing God’s glory and we stand out as individuals coming far short of radiating the light necessary by which others can be guided.

Our fogs are self-imposed. When we do not stand in His light we do not reflect Him. We instead create a dullness that is limiting and in which it is easy to get lost. The good news is that the moment we get ourselves back in His arena, His power removes the fogs and illumines our lives once again. We no longer are observed as an individual, but we are caught up into the greater collective of His Body. The good news is that our lights serves as a beacon of hope to others as they seek to escape their own foggy moments.

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven.”  Matthew 5:16