I saw a cartoon the other day that said “I am one year clean and doing well, but my dealer is back in town.”  The next caption shows a girl scout selling cookies. It is amazing to watch the girls come out of the woodwork during cookie season and see how excited people get as they emerge.  What I really love is seeing the creative ways these little girls and their parents sell their delectable delights. There was a story on the news this week that had a dad and daughter who wrote a song about the cookies that went viral.  At the time of the story I heard they were over 7,000 sold.

One of my goals as a leader and minister is that we will find a way to empower people to be just as creative when it comes to being witnesses for Christ.  For many it is as simple as being consistent like the Girl Scouts who every year are outside of Kroger, or in our churches.  Others like to use their creative gifts and come up with unique ways to share the love of Jesus.

There is no right way, but there are many great ways to tell people about Jesus. One of my favorite stories is an old story about the great evangelist D.L. Moody. After a service one night where many people came to know Jesus for the first time, a lady came up to Rev. Moody and told him that she didn’t like the way he did evangelism. His reply was to inquire about her way. She stated sharply that she did not have a way. Mr. Moody simply smiled and replied as kindly as possible that in that case he liked his way better.

In Matthew 10:16  Jesus tells his disciples that He is sending them out among wolves. Therefore, they need to be a shrewd as snakes and innocent as doves. Maybe in our witnessing we can modernize this translation. Therefore, you need to be as shrewd as Girl Scouts and innocent as….well Girl Scouts.  Let’s get excited about our role in this world as witnesses for Christ.