There was the vacation week with some very good friends. Then there was the camping trip with some other friends. Of course, I cannot forget the family reunion. There was the Pastor’s Conference with some kindred spirited brothers and sisters. All these things may seem like different experiences, but they have one very common thread. The fact is I cannot tell you very much about any conversation that was had, but I can tell you how much I enjoyed spending time with people I love and care about. I can testify to the fact that just being with these people was healing and life giving.  Words fade and what seemed like deep subjects at the time are long gone but being with these people remains embedded in my heart.

Our relationship with God is no different. We are affected by the people with whom we choose to spend our time.  We may not remember conversations, but we take them into our hearts on a certain level. I think many people feel that to spend time with God that it must be intense. The feeling is we need to say the right words, have the proper posture, pray for the appropriate things. It can all seem very formal. I don’t believe that is what God had in mind when He created us.

In Genesis, one of my favorite moments is when we see God coming into the garden just to spend time with Adam and Eve. It is subtle, but it is there. God is the creator of human relationship. Everything we enjoy with our friends and family, He provided. These enjoyable moments are supposed to be an example of our relationship with Him. His heart is just like yours. He simply wants to spend time with His children. It doesn’t always matter what you talk about or that you talk at all. He just wants to be included. Yes, there are times for directed and intense prayer. Yes, there are times to listen for His voice and His answers. But then there is every other moment. He wants to spend time with you!

Ask Him to go with you into your meetings. Request His wisdom when communications break down at home. Say thank you when you see your kid or grandkid do something wonderful. Invite Him to be part of the vacation. Let Him accompany you on your drive to work or school. (F.Y.I.  that doesn’t count for the carpool lane, but you can try it.) He simply wants to spend time with each of us. Stop making it so difficult and you may find you are being affected in a wonderful way.