Time to Share

One of the earliest lessons that we learn in life is to share. If you have spent any time at all around young children you understand why this is. A common idiom of every 2 to 3 year old is “MINE!”  We learn early to claim our turf and hold on for all that we are worth.

Hopefully we learn those early lessons well and grow up to be sharing and generous people. Especially if you are a Christian. However, I find that there is one area in which we are sometimes deficient. That is the area of sharing our faith.  Many Christians are frozen in place when it comes to faith sharing. Don’t get me wrong. On one level I get it. The real fear is not in the sharing but in how it will be received. We have been trained by our modern world to be very careful and not be offensive to anyone. While I understand hesitancy, I also believe that our world is desperate for the good news that we possess as Christians. I mean we walk in grace and forgiveness and love every day.  We know what it is to have a God who hears us and on whom we can lean when we are stressed. How could we possibly keep this to ourselves?

One effective means that I have found to share faith is to ask God to bring someone across our path. He wants them to know Him more than we do. God will make the assignment if we are willing to step out and share when the opportunity presents itself. It doesn’t have to be a theological thesis, just simply a sharing of your own story and journey as it relates.I have found that people are extremely receptive for the most part, and at the very least appreciate the effort.

So go back and remember what your parents and kindergarten teacher taught you. God likes it when we share!