TRUSTEES MISSION: By the Discipline of the United Methodist Church:

Maintain and Manage Grayson UMC property, equipment, and investments to support the Ministry and Mission of this church. Receive and administer all gifts made to the congregation.  Report to Charge Conference annually.

The Trustees of Grayson UMC value your ideas and input.  If you see an issue that needs repair or have ideas for improvements that need to be made to the church building and grounds, please click here.

Someone from the Trustees will respond to you within 72 hours to let you know how we are proceeding with your concern.



If you see a needed improvement, please email Please give your name, contact information and location of improvement. Someone from Trustees will contact you within 48 hours. 

Thank you! 

2016 improvements to parsonage and church by

Board of Trustees-GUMC


  1. repaired water damage and drainage around the house and in the basement;
  2. cleaned up rear and side yards;
  3. painted carport;
  4. insulated basement ceiling


  1. upgraded sound system in the PLC;
  2. upgraded sound system and TVs in the CLC;
  3. upgrades in playground;
  4. upgrades to signage;
  5. replace doors in CLC;
  6. replaced floor cleaning machine;
  7. started process of planning and drawings for large storage building;
  8. repaired several leaks around the campus.
  9. Blast hall renovations