One of my favorite things to do is take time to sit and stare at the stars.  I go to the country often where there are no city lights or street lights. When I look up at the stars they look twice their normal size because I can see their light without the interference of other light. As I gaze for a couple of minutes, something amazing happens. Suddenly I am aware there are thousands of stars that I can see as my eyes adjust to the night sky. After a moment or two I realize I am looking at blankets of stars.

This unimaginable site reminds me of God. I have believed most of my life that we have only seen a small portion of all that is God. This is evidenced most when I read a scripture that I have read hundreds of times and it takes on a deeper meaning than I have ever known.  I see this greatness when I have a moment of grace that is undeserved and unexpected. The more I look to God and the more I worship Him the more I see.  Just like my star gazing, the more time I focus on just Him, the greater the experience.

When many of the Bible’s authors tried to write of the God they had seen and experienced, they used language that came up far short of the experience. Sometimes there are just no words to describe such wonder. If you doubt me, I challenge you to spend the next few days focusing intensely on God. I am absolutely confident you will come away from the experience seeing more than you ever imagined was there.  It is the best revelation you will ever find. What is great about the unimaginable is the reality that it is beyond your scope. Enjoy your journey.