These are three of the most difficult words that human beings come up against. These three words go against our nature. Therein lies the problem. Our nature is a little skewed you see. We have that pesky sin nature that makes us want to put ourselves and our needs before everything else. So, when God says that there is a three -word formula that will change our lives, we struggle.

We are not very good at waiting. Personally, I am a pacer. When someone is late I pace as I wait for them.  When a show or service does not begin on time I internally pace. When I have to wait a few days for my favorite team to play a big game, I struggle. When God tells me to wait for Him in a situation, I struggle just as much. 

I am a man so I am already deficient in the listening department. I try to listen well but I am at times fighting forces that are as old as I am and they are strong. Sometimes I hear what I want to hear and misinterpret what was actually said. I want to hear God but it is really hard to focus.

I like to obey. I want to do the right things. I want to do what God says…most of the time. You know, when it doesn’t interfere with stuff I like.

Here is our dilemma. Wait, Listen and Obey will change our world. The reality is that I don’t think I am alone in the struggle to do these well. However, if we are going to grow and see life changing moments, we had better discipline ourselves and work harder at these tasks. I do know it gets easier the more we try. If it is your desire, ask God for His help. He definitely rewards our efforts.