Watch Me!

I was 16 years old and I wanted to impress a girl that I liked. I was able to talk her into coming to one of my ballgames. This was where I shone the most and I was confident that I could win her heart with my athletic prowess. I had the game of my life that night. I literally hit the ball so hard that I knocked the cover loose. I made stellar plays in center field. It was a good plan. Where the plan fell apart is when I realized that she was in the stands talking to my best friend and did not see one single play. I was devastated. I have never left a game that was so good and felt so bad.
All I wanted was for her to watch me and be proud. As I think back to that moment I realize that many people have moments in life where they are begging to be noticed in much more significant ways. Kids begging parents to watch them. Spouses begging to be seen. Employees desperate for a boss’ approval. We are created to need and desire approval and to be affirmed. We simply look for it too often in the wrong places.
God asks us to come to Him all the time. When we do we are completely vulnerable. Yes, He sees all. However, the good news is that He loves us just as we are. He never requires us to clean up or bulk up spiritually before we spend time with Him. He never asks if we are worthy. He simply takes us as we are and loves us. And here is the kicker: He is always watching us! Not to judge or get mad, but out of total passion for us as His children. That kind of approval trumps all others. Once we realize that the King of the Universe loves us, who else’s opinion carries any real weight? So, go ahead and show off for God by being like Him. You will never have to wonder if He is looking.