This is the headline that I expect to see soon based on the weather we have been having in Georgia this year. We are going through all four seasons in a week. It is nuts! I truly don’t think I have ever witnessed weather that was this unpredictable. We are hot one day and freezing the next. It certainly keeps one’s attention on the weather apps.

For many Christians this is very descriptive of their spiritual life. There are times we are on fire for Jesus and other times where we are ice cold. And yes, those can often occur in the same week. It can feel kind of crazy at times, but sadly it can also feel normal. 

The problem with the up and down of this type of relationship is that it becomes difficult to make decisions. In Georgia, we are make clothing decisions by the day. That is fine for outerwear, but when it comes to heart decisions and life callings, this is very ineffective.

The solution is simple and yet profound. We must move beyond a fair -weather relationship with God. If we are going to enjoy His fullness and His calling, we must treat our relationship with Him as a priority.  The more time we spend with Him the more we know Him. The more we know Him the more we know what He wants from us and for us. The more we know these things the clearer our calling becomes.

So, take off your coat or put on your coat, depending on what is happening outside. Pick up your Bible and pray today regardless of what is happening anywhere. You will find your heart will be very content when you are secure in the most important of all relationships.