Last week had a bit of everything.  A funeral, a hunting trip, hospital visits, World Series, kids fighting, staff meeting, football team ranked highly, work stress, pancakes for breakfast, bills to pay, and on the ups and downs go. Weird, right? Actually, it was not. The more I talk with others the more I see the normalcy of it all.  We sometimes get the idea that at some point everything is supposed to flow and be wonderful. I will admit that there are periods when we seem to get on a good only track, but those rarely last.

If I’m right and this is normal, then where is the hope? Part of the hope is that we all go through this together. I am not sure if misery really loves company, but I am sure I am thankful when someone understands my circumstances. Being understood and more importantly prayed for is of great value.

The other part of the hope we have is that we are never alone. The greatest thing we have is a God who is eternally present. The reality is He loves us so much that He knows our every move. His heart swells for us as we live out this life. As weird as life can seem to us, it is always the same for Him.  Good times or bad times His love is not shaken or moved. He is consistent and constant. What more can we ask for in this world than a sure thing?

So, weird is normal. Strange, huh?  But the greatest normal of all is the perfect precision of our God.  Nothing weird about that. It is exactly what He promised.