Have you ever said those words or at least thought them? Usually it is in a season where everything is less than perfect and we are being stretched because of circumstances beyond our control. Maybe our kid’s schedule is defining our lives. It could be taking care of our aging parents.There is always the job that requires more and more and pays less and less. Everyone at some point goes through a season or seasons when their life is not about them.

These seasons are interesting times.Let me surprise you and say that I believe that they can turn out to be the best times of our lives. I understand your doubt, but hear me out.  One of the mysteries that we uncover in scripture is that we find tremendous satisfaction in serving others. Jesus kind of majored on the issue. He spoke to it a good bit because it is not in our nature (sin nature) to do it. The reason He pushed it was because He wanted us to find the joy and satisfaction that comes in serving. For many people, this lesson is not learned in our day to day and this maturing doesn’t come until we go through one of the seasons mentioned above.

Yes, these seasons can be trying and difficult and we don’t wish them on anyone. However, since you may be going through it anyway, allow God to use you and fill you with the wonderful blessings that come in serving others. Try to avoid the selfish thoughts of what you are missing out on and focus instead on how God is transforming you through serving. Jesus said that “when you have done it to the least of these, you have done it to me”.