We are coming into the season where our hearts and institutions are beginning a greater push on giving to worthy causes. It ranges from mission asks, to bell ringers, to schools helping families in need. I am so glad that our hearts are still for all these things. However, I must admit (even as someone who does the asking) that this can all be very overwhelming. Do we give a little to everyone? Do we give it all to one?  Do we pick one and live with the guilt of watching others ask as we pass by? I understand all these emotions. In this blog I want to give you some guidelines that I think are both practical and Biblical. My goal is to maximize giving to these worthy causes and help you feel good about what you give.

  1. Budget your holiday giving. Decide beforehand how much you can afford to give in total for the season. This makes you a good steward of your money and helps you with deciding where the biggest impact can be made.
  2. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak clearly to you and give you a vision for your giving. He promises to guide all our steps if we ask him.
  3. Get over the guilt. You can’t save the world by yourself. If we all give where God leads us, then all groups will have enough.
  4. Make sure the group you are giving to is legitimate. This takes a few minutes on the internet if you are not sure, but again makes us good stewards.
  5. Decide as a family where you will give. It can foster a great spirit with your kids by letting them know that they are a part of the family giving.
  6. If you still struggle, put your pastor or spiritual leader on the spot and ask them to help you decide.

For most of us we are not talking about thousands of dollars. But we do want to be faithful with what we have. We also don’t want to feel bad saying no to so many. By creating a budget and a prayerful plan, we should feel very affirmed that we have given as directed and have no lingering guilt.

Give as generously as you are able this year. As you bless others, God will bless you.