((Written by Chase Grindstaff)

Just a few months ago I approached Pastor Scott about the idea of a student takeover service and to see all of it come together was amazing… I mean wow! Yesterday was an amazing day! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the response from all three services. The emails, text messages, Facebook comments & the personal words of encouragement have truly been a blessing. It’s my hope that yesterday’s message continues to stir your heart for our students and kids.


I was 18 when God called me into ministry. It was at a youth conference in Orlando Florida and I felt God pressing on my heart with “you wasted so much time in High School and Middle School, so I’m going to send you to reach that generation.” I had no idea what that would lead to, but here I am 15 years later investing in students and trusting the Lord to do an amazing work in their lives. If yesterday’s response is any indication of what God is doing here at GUMC, I’m even more excited about the next years ahead.


We have an opportunity and an immense responsibility here at GUMC. One that I believe we are up for the challenge. In the Grayson area (Archer & Grayson) we have around 7,500-10,000 Students/Kids. Our student ministry is reaching roughly 300 of those students. Yes, there are other churches in the area who are doing a great job… but are we satisfied? No, we are a beacon of hope and life that this world doesn’t even know it’s craving. With numbers like we discussed yesterday: 2 in 10 Americans under 30 believe attending church is important, 59 percent of millennials raise in church have dropped out, 35 percent believe the church does more harm than good & millennials are the least likely to attend church. This is staggering…


What do we believe about our students? Are they the church of the future or are they the CHURCH now? I believe the way we answer this question will define how our church reaches the lost in this community. And I think after yesterday we’re all just crazy enough to see every student in this area reached! Let’s go change the world together! Let’s get plugged into the ministries of this church, give our tithes and offerings faithfully and let’s be intentional in relationships that are kingdom minded. We can’t afford to wait any longer… LET’S GO!